Vickie Guerrero Bio

Vickie Guerrero is the widow of the late Eddie Guerrero. In 2005 she started making some cameo appearances on SMACKDOWN during the feud between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. On November 13, 2005 Eddie past away in real life of heart failure. After seven or eight months after Eddie's passing Vickie starting regularly appearing on SMACKDOWN, Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero were feuding and Vicki ended up taking her nephew Chavo's side and said that Rey was just a part of her past. This feud eventually led to a Rey VS Chavo "I Quite" match which Chavo won thanks to the help of Vickie. In this match Chavo hurt Rey's leg really bad which led to Rey being out of action for many, many months. Vickie and Chavo then started feuding with Chris Benoit which led to Chavo challenging for Benoit's United States Championship. In December of 2006 Chavo betrayed Vickie and pushed her over. In January OF 2007 in an interview with Krystal, Vickie Guerrero stated how she wished people like Chavo Guerrero and Chris Benoit would let go of the past and let her concentrate on her future instead. In May of 2007 Vickie was given the General Managers Assistant job on SMACKDOWN. She was the maid of honor at Kristal's wedding and Teddy Long suffered a heart attack during the ceremony and is recovering so Vickie Guerrero has taken over the GM duties. Vickie then started a love affair with Edge and is now a heel GM. Vickie has turned into one of the most hated people on Smackdown as she uses deceiving ways to help Edge get what he wants, even helping him to win the World Heavyweight Championship. She was at odds alot with the Undertaker and Batista as these were the two WWE superstars who were most threatening to taking the World Heavyweight Championship belt from her Edge. It was later announced that Vickie and Edge would be getting married, right on Smackdown. On the July 4 edition of Smackdown the couple got into a heated argument as Edge had currently lost his belt when he visited Raw. The event has left Edge in a not so good mode and the wedding is at jeopardy now. Vickie still set Edge up in another title match at the upcoming Great American Bash though as he will challenge Triple H for the WWE title. Vickie and Edge's arguments got even worse on the July 11 edition of Smackdown. Vickie ended up setting up Edge with a punishable match with Big Show. It was set as sort of a punishment match and to show Edge who the real boss is. Vickie took a front row seat at the side of the ring for the match to see Edge punished but when the Big Show was about to really punish Edge Vickie called off the match and ordered it to be stopped as she felt sympathy for Edge. She went in the ring to comfort the injured Edge and when he regained consciousness the two gazed into each others eyes and started making out. The following week Vickie would marry Edge but it would soon be revealed by Triple H that Edge was cheating on Vickie with their wedding planner Alicia Fox. Triple H showed the video tape and Vickie went frantic on Edge. At the Great American Bash Edge accidentally speared Vickie during his match with Triple H. Then on the following Smackdown Edge tried to make up with Vickie but instead she reinstated the Undertaker in the WWE and set up a Edge versus Undertaker Hell in a Cell match for Summerslam. A few episodes later The Undertaker appeared to be killing off members of La Familia and laying a black rose on them. Edge then invited Vickie and Chavo into the ring to face Undertaker. But he hit Chavo with a steel chair, making it obvious that it was really Edge who had been killing off the members of La Familia, he then tipped Vickie from her wheelchair to get revenge on Vickie by hurting her family for putting him in the Hell in a Cell match with Undertaker. Despite her hatred against Edge and her apology to the fans, she was still a heel since she was still siding with Chavo and the rest of the La-Famila. Thus she still got negative crowd reactions and was threatened by the Undertaker who refused to accept her apology for his banishment. On the August 29 episode of SmackDown, Vickie was shown trapped in her office alone throughout the night. At the end of the night, all of the lights went out in the office and SmackDown ended with an earsplitting scream. The following week, Vickie mentally snapped, as she kicked Big Show and Vladimir Kozlov off the show for the night. She then stated that she was not afraid of Undertaker's threatenings and stated that at WWE Unforgiven, she would force an apology out of him, no matter what it would take.

Then at Unforgiven, Vickie came out the ring and confronted the Undertaker. She demanded an apology from him. As Undertaker wouldn't cooperate with her request, the Big Show then beat down the Undertaker down. Vickie also than proceeded to spit in the face and slap the Undertaker.

On the September 28, 2008 edition of Smackdown Vickie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero and the Big Show were in the ring calling out the Undertaker. The lights went off, then back on and all of a sudden Chavo was backstage getting a beating from the Undertaker. Big Show, who has become Vickie's protection against the Undertaker then ran out of the ring to the backstage area to help Chavo and attack the Undertaker. Unfortunately for Vickie, once Big Show left, she was all alone in the ring. The lights went off, then back on and the Undertaker was in the ring behind her. He then gave Vickie a Tombstone Piledriver to end Smackdown.

At No Mercy Big Show beat the Undertaker. On the following Smackdown Vickie Guerrero rewarded Show with a match for the WWE title against Triple H. The match was interupted though by the Undertaker. Vickie has set up another Big Show-Undertaker match for Cyber Sunday in which the fans get to vote what kind of match it is. The choices were either be a Knock Out match, a Last Man Standing match or a I Quit match. Last Man Standing ended up winning and at No Mercy Undertaker wrapped up Big Show in a Gogoplata to choke Show. Undertaker released the hold, leaving Show down for the count, and Vickie Guerrero looking enraged at the top of the ramp.

On November 23, 2008 at Survivor Series Vickie schemed up with on screen husband Edge to get him the WWE title. Edge was at the time the WWE Champion and was scheduled to have a Triple Threat match against Jeff Hardy and Vladimir Koslov but someone attacked Jeff Hardy backstage and it was announced that Hardy could not compete in the event. Only Koslov battled Triple H for the title until Vickie Guerrero announce that the match will be a Triple Threat match as scheduled. She had a big smile on her face and kept screaming in excitement "He's back!" Edge came out to the ring to battle for the title and when it was all said and done, Vickie Guerrero's man Edge had become the WWE champion.

On the special December 8, 2009 edition of Raw, Vickie and Edge won a Slammy Award for the Couple of the Year.

On the January 2, 2009 edition of SmackDown, Vickie appeared in some nude photos and (kayfabe) put them on eBay, Triple H took advantage of the situation to get some laughs out of the crowd. later released censored versions of these photos.

On February 23, 2009 she was appointed the interim General Manager of Raw during Stephanie McMahon's absence.

On the following edition of Raw, Guerrero announced that Edge would be facing The Big Show for his title at Wrestlemania XXV.

On the March 9, 2009 edition of Raw, John Cena showed footage of Vickie cheating on Edge with The Big Show after Guerrero had added Cena to the World Heavyweight Championship match, making it Triple Threat.

As an April fools joke John Cena said she was pregnant later announced it was kayfabe.

On the April 6 edition of Raw, Guerrero was given the choice of either being General Manager of Raw or SmackDown. She then announced that she would move to Raw in order to become its new General Manager, subsequently resulting in her being separated from Edge. However, The Big Show and her nephew Chavo was also moved to Raw during the 2009 WWE Draft and Supplemental Draft, respectively.

After being insulted for a few weeks by Santino Marella, Vickie, with help from William Regal, won the "Miss Wrestlemania" crown from Santina Marella, Santino's "twin sister", in a no disqualification match sanctioned by Chavo on the May 18 edition of Raw.

On the May 25 edition of Raw, it was announced that Vickie will defend her "Miss Wrestlemania" crown against Santina Marella in a hogpen match at the first-ever Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

On June 7, 2009 Vickie would do battle with Santina Marella. This match was pretty simple as it involved a hog pen complete with mud and pigs. The first one to pin their opponent in the hog pen wins the match. Vickie Guerrero decided to bring Chavo with her and make it into a handicap match. Late in the match Chavo accidentally threw slop on Vickie as Santina avoided it. This allowed Santina to put a bucket on Chavo's head and then pin Vickie for the win. Santina wins the Hog Pen Match over Vickie Guerrero to become the new Miss Wrestlemania.

On the June 8th episode of Raw Vickie Guerrero announced in the ring that she would be quiting as the GM of Raw because she is tired of the WWE fans laughing and making fun of her. Vickie cried as she made her announcement but things even got worse for her as Edge's music hit and Edge made his way to the ring and told Vickie that he wanted a divorce and that he was only using her for the power she had as GM but that she was now useless to him.
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