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CM punk began wrestling in backyard wrestling and was part of a tag team called 'Chick Magnets'. Thus, the CM in his now name CM Punk. He decided that he wanted to be a real wrestler and seen it more than something that was just fun to do so he enrolled in wrestling school in Chicago. He then became a professional wrestler and wrestled in the independent circuit. He joined ROH Ring of Honor) later and became an icon there. At the same time he also joined as wrestled for TNA (Total Nonstop Action). In June of 2005 Punk accepted a deal with the WWE but still won the ROH World Championship in mid-June against Austin Aries. After that match Punk turned heel and threatened that he would take the ROH world championship belt with him to the WWE. Punk mocked his ROH title to the other wrestlers and ROH fans but ended up losing it in August to James Gibson. The next day after losing the title he lost a best out three match to Colt Cabana. After the match was over Punk was visibly crying in the ring and was showered with streamers in the middle of the ring, truly a ROH legend. In September of 2005 Punk began wrestling for the WWE's training circuit, Ohio Valley Wrestling until June of 2006 when he made his ECW debut during a house show. The next month he made his first TV promo and appeared as a face preaching a straight life style, alcohol and drug free. In August he made his TV wrestling debut by defeating Justin Credible and went on defeating ECW superstars one after another. He feuded with Mike Knox, Hardcore Holly and Matt Striker to name a few. In Wrestlemania XXIIV he competed in the 'Money in the bank ladder match' as the only ECW wrestler to qualify for the match but did not win. CM Punk had many opportunities as he tried to capture the ECW Championship on many occasions but failed. He finally got his wish when he defeated John Morrison for the gold on September 1, 2007. He retained his title in multiple matches but finally lost it in January of 2008 when Chavo Guerrero beat him in a no disqualification match with outside interference from Edge.

On March 30, 2008 at Wrestlemania XXIV, CM Punk once again competed in the 'Money in the bank ladder match' but was able to win it this time. On June 23 of 2008 CM Punk was drafted to Raw. That following week on Raw CM Punk cashed in his money in the bank contract and won the World Heavyweight Championship after pinning Edge. Edge had just taken a beating from Batista and Punk seen a great opportunity. Later that same night Punk was challenged for the belt by JBL. Punk successfully defended his title with a victory.

On July 20, 2008 CM Punk would defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Batista. Batista looked like he was on his way to take Punk's title but the match was interrupted by Kane and the match was ruled a double disqualification thus allowing CM Punk to retain his belt and still be the World Heavyweight Champion.

On August 17, 2008 at Summerslam 2008 CM Punk defended his World Heavyweight Title against JBL after hitting the Go to Sleep on him.

On September 7, 2008 at Unforgiven CM Punk would have to defend his World Heavyweight Championship in a scramble match against Batista, Kane, Rey Mysterio and JBL. Punk never got the opportunitty though as before the match got under way he was attacked backstage by Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase and Manu. It was announced that Punk could not compete in the match and Punk involuntarily forfeited the title. The replacement for CM Punk would be Chris Jericho, who would go on to win the match and the title. He received a re-match eight days later on September 15 on Raw, where failed to regain the title in a steel cage match against Jericho. Punk Battled Jericho again on the October 13, 2008 edition of Raw, this was a non title match with Batista as the guest referee, CM Punk was able to get the victory in this one.

Punk was not titleless for too long. On the October 27, 2008 edition of Raw Punk teamed up with Kofi Kingston against World Tag Team champions Ted DiBiasi and Cody Rhodes. Punk and Kiungston would win the match and become the new tag team champs.

Punk was then entered in a Intercontinental Championship Tournament, in which the winner would get to challenge for the championship in the future. He would defeat Snitsky in the First Round and then John Morrison in the Semi-Finals. He would then go on to face off with Rey Mysterio at Armageddon, which he won to get the title shot.

Punk and Kingston lost the World Tag Team Championship to John Morrison and The Miz at a live event on December 13, 2008, the day before Armageddon.

CM Punk would later have his eye et on the Intercontinental Championship held by William Regal. On the January 5, 2009 edition of Raw, Punk battled Regal for the IC belt. During the match, Punk hoisted him up in the GTS. Regal frantically grabbed the ropes to prevent it. Punk was able to pull him away, but Regal grabbed the ref's shirt next. The ref quickly called for the bell for a DQ as Regal put his hands on him thus Regal defended his title due to the DQ. Stephanie McMahon was not going to have it though and said that she can't have the first title defense of the new year go on like this. She aid that the next week on Raw, Punk will battle Regal again for the Intercontinental championship but if William Regal gets disqualified, he will lose his IC title. The January 12, 2009 edition of Raw came as Punk challenged Regal again. During this match Punk turned and punched Regal in the midsection, Regal acted as if he was hit by a low blow, and the ref immediately called for the bell to disqualify Punk. Stephanie was till not satisfied though and ordered another match between Punk and Regal for the IC title again the next week on Raw. On the January 19, 2009 edition of Raw Punk was able to hit the GTS on Regal and get the pin to win the Intercontinental Championship. Punk was able to hold on to the title for about six weeks until JBL was able to win it.

In Wrestlemania 24 Punk won the Money in the Bank match and that eventually led to him winning the World Heavyweight Championship. On April 5th, 2009 at Wrestlemania 25 Punk was once again able to win the 8 man MITB match despite Kane grabbing and grabbing at him. Punk was able to break loose from the Big Red Machine before finally grabbing the briefcase.

During the 2009 WWE Draft, Punk was drafted from the Raw brand to SmackDown. He continued his feud with Kane, which started after Punk won the money in the bank ladder match, after Kane was also moved to Smackdown through the draft. Punk was defeated by Kane at Backlash.

At Judgment Day on 05-17-09 CM punk would battle Umaga but was unsuccessful as Umaga was able to pick up the win.

Punk and Umaga would go at it again on June 7, 2009 at Extreme Rules in a Samoan Strap Match. In this match, both men were fastened at opposite ends of the Samoan Strap. The wrestler who touched all corners of the ring in succession first would be called the winner. In the end Punk hoisted Umaga in the GTS then touched the fourth turnbuckle to win the match. Later that same evening Punk would cash in his MITB briefcase and defeat Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship. Hardy, had only won the World Heavyweight Championship 2 minutes before from Edge.

Punk retained his title in a Triple Threat match against both Edge and Hardy eight days later on the June 15 episode of Raw. At The Bash in Sacramento, California, Punk lost to Hardy by disqualification after kicking the referee after being afflicted with a storyline eye injury, claiming he could not see the referee, but, due to the notion that titles cannot change hands on a disqualification, Punk retained the championship. Hardy called Punk into question about his eye injury, believing he had been feigning it, leading to Punk losing favor with the fans, claiming to be the moral superior of those who support Hardy due to his drug-free lifestyle. At Night of Champions, Punk lost the championship to Hardy.

On August 23, 2009 at Summerslam Punk would get another shot at the World Heavyweight title against Jeff Hardy as Jeff would defend his World Heavyweight title. The match was a tables, ladders and chairs match. During the match, Jeff climbed to the top of a very tall ladder and did a major Swanton dive off the ladder to crash down onto Punk through a table. This prompted EMT's to come out and put Jeff on a stretcher. As they were taking Jeff away, he got off the stretcher and crawled back into the ring. Meanwhile, Punk was setting a ladder up. Jeff climbed up the other side and fought with Punk while Punk had his hand on the title. Punk eventually was able to knock Jeff off the ladder down to the mat, then pulled down the title to win the match and once again become the new World Heavyweight champion.

On the August 28, 2009 edition of Smackdown CM Punk would battle Jeff Hardy in a loser leaves the WWE steel cage match. CM Punk won the match and Jeff Hardy had to leave the WWE. Hardy made a farewell speech to the emotional crowd and when he got to the top of the ramp raised his hands in the air but out of no where came CM Punk who came back out and smashed him with the World Heavyweight Championship.

The next week on Smackdown Matt Hardy would try to avenge his brothers departure from the WWE in a match against CM Punk. In the match Punk started using a chair to smack Hardy with and got disqualified from the match. With Matt hurt, the lights went out and the Undertaker's bells tolled and the lights went out. All of a sudden, the lights came back with Taker standing right near CM Punk. Punk was shocked and ran right into Undertaker who grabbed him and chokeslammed him right through the commentator's table.

CM Punk Facts:

Birth Name: Phil Brooks
Birth Date: October 26, 1978
Height: 6' ft 1' inch
Finishing Move: G.T.S. (Go to sleep)

CM Punks inspiration to become a wrestler happened when watched Roddy Piper slam a coconut over Jimmy Snuka's head during Pipers Pit in the early-mid 80's.

He made a commitment to stay away from alcohol after growing up with his father as a alcoholic and reading that it was hereditary, his father ended up giving up drinking.

The words "Straight Edge" are spelled out on his stomach. This tattoo is one of Punk's oldest tattoos and has been referred to by Punk as his identity.
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