Chavo Guerrero Bio

Chavo Guerrero comes from a great wrestling family, the Guerrero's. Wrestling is deep is his blood. His grandpa was legendary wrestler Gory Guerrero who was one of the most famous wrestlers in Mexican history and his uncle was the late Eddie Guerrero. His father Chavo Guerrero Sr. also wresrled in the WWF and other family members are Hector Guerrero, Mando Guerrero, Enrique Llanas, Javier Llanas and Hector Mejia. Chavo is from El Paso, Texas. As a child Chavo and Eddie (who were close in age even though Edie was his uncle) would wrestle during intermission at Gory's shows in Texas. Chavo made his official wrestling debut in Mexico and then wrestled in different parts of the world for a while and then went to the WCW in 1996. He finally came to the WWE in 2001 and is a multiple time Cruiserweight Champion and a multiple time tag team champion. One of the times he held the tag team gold was with his uncle Eddie Guerrero who together were known as 'Los Guerrero's' in 2002. Him and Eddie would sometimes have skits during Smackdown when their motto was to 'Lie, steal and cheat'. In 2005 Chavo ended up going to "Raw" for a while and then later that year a tragic event happened in the Smackdown family as Eddie Guerrero passed away, Eddie was not even 40 years old yet. Chavo dedicated every match he had to his late uncle and even took Eddie's signature move - the frog splash and the three amigos- to remember him by. Rey Mysterio was also dedicating every match he had to Eddie Guerrero and jealousy soon got the best of Chavo as he claimed that Mysterio was just using the Guerrero name to benefit himself. Chavo then seemed to appear more and more on Smackdown and used a chair to seriously injure Mysterio's leg that had put him out of action for months. Chavo has recently lost the Cruiserweight title to Hornswoggle in a open Cruiserweight title match, Hornswoggle was not officially in the match against the other superstars but got the title. His concentration then went back to Mysterio who would be coming back soon from his injury. He got his chance at Summerslam 2007 but lost to Rey Mysterio. Chavo was not seen on Smackdown for many months but returned toward the end of 2007. Chavo then was against the ongoing relationship between Vickie Guerrero and Edge but soon joined them and was later helped by Edge to defeat CM Punk and become the new ECW Champion. At Wrestlemania XXIV Chavo Guerrero would lose his ECW Championship belt to Kane. On April 27, 2008 Chavo had a rematch with Kane to try to recapture the ECW title but once again failed as Kane beat him.

Chavo then became part of Los Familia. This group of heels included Edge, Zach Rider, Curt Hawkins, Vickie Guerrero Bam Neely and of course Chavo Guerrero. Los Familia would later break up when Edge would turn on the other members of Los Familia on the August 8, 2008 edition of Smackdown. During that show other members of Los Familia were found knocked out with a black rose laying on them. Suspecting the Undertaker was involved Chavo and Vickie sake Edge's help. Edge, Chavo Guerrero and Vickie all went in the ring and Edge called out the Undertaker but then hit Chavo from behind with a steel chair and harassed Vickie Guerrero. This was officially the end to La Familia.

On September 7, 2008 Chavo competed in the ECW scramble match at Unforgiven. Matt Hardy ended up winning the competition and became the new ECW champion that night.

Chavo would then become the unfortunate victim of the Undertaker due to the Undertaker and Vickie Guerrero feud. On the September 19, 2008 edition of Smackdown the Undertaker chocked Chavo backstage to end the show as sort of a message to Vickie. The next week Chavo seemed traumatized by the incident and was scared the Undertaker would show up again. Vickie and Big Show wanted to go in the ring and call the Undertaker out. Despite Chavo not wanting to go Vickie viciously insisted. As they called Undertaker out the light went off, back on and all of a sudden Chavo was backstage getting a beating from the Undertaker.

Chavo then became sort of a walking floor mat assistant for the Big Show. Though he looked like he didn't want to comply with everything that the Big Show told him, he didn't argue about it. Chavo seemed to always be in situations he did not want to be in (and usually paid a high price) because of Show and Vickie Guerrero.

On the December 26, 2008 edition of Smackdown, Triple H pointed out to Chavo what a shame it was for him to be a Guerrero and having turned into an errand boy for Vickie. That evening Vickie even made Chavo fight Triple H in a match even though Chavo didn't want to proving Edge's point. During the match Chavo tried to imitate his uncle, the late Eddie Guerrero's trickery moves by throwing a chair in Edge's hands and lying down while the ref was not looking. This would result in disqualifications for Eddie's opponents as the ref would think that they hit Eddie with the chair. It didn't work for Chavo though as his plan backfired and Triple H won the match.

Guerrero was with the SmackDown brand until April 2009, when he was drafted to the Raw brand as part of the 2009 Supplemental Draft.

Chavo then started feuding with Santino Marello and after a loss to Santino on the 05-18-09 edition of Raw would set up a match between his Aunt Vickie Guerrero and Santino's sister Santina Marello for the Miss Wrestlemania Crown. Despite Vickie not pleased with Chavo setting up the match she competed in the match and beat Santina thanks to some help from Chavo.

Upon Vickie's departure from WWE, Chavo continued to feud with Marella and defeated him on the June 18 edition of WWE Superstars.

Chavo then began feuding with Hornswoggle and began fighting Hornswoggle in a variety of strange matches such as a boxing match in which Chavo had to wear real big over sized gloves. In another match the first one to tie the other in a bull rope would be the winner.

Some Chavo Guerrero Facts:

Birth Name: Salvador Chavito Guerrero III
Birthdate: October 20, 1970
Height: 5 ft 9inch
Finishing Move: Gory Bomb, Frog Splash
Comes from the legendary Guerrero familiaChavo is married and has 2 sons. His wife is named Susan, and they have been married since 1998.
After Eddie's death Chavo began wearing wrestling boots similar to the boots Eddie would wrestle in.Chavo Guerrero is currently the last member of the Guerrero family that competes on a regular basis.
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