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Festus real name is Drew Hankinson. Hankinson began his career in Pennsylvania with the World Star Wrestling Federation (AWA/World Star Wrestling), Summit Wrestling Kane. The two continued to battle one another over subsequent weeks, the impersonator continually gaining the upper hand; this led to a match being scheduled for Vengeance. Association of Southern Pennsylvania, and Maryland-based National Wrestling League, wrestling as Dorian Deville. In April 2005, he was signed to a contract by World Wrestling Entertainment and assigned to the Deep South Wrestling (DSW) developmental territory, where he formed a partnership with Palmer Cannon. Hankinson wrestled in DSW as Deacon Deville before changing his ring name to The Freakin' Deacon. On May 29, 2006, the Wrestling Observer reported that Hankinson debuted on WWE RAW, confronting Kane while dressed in Kane's original ring attire, complete with a full face mask. Without saying a word, Hankinson chokeslammedHankinson went on to defeat Kane at Vengeance with a chokeslam. On the following episode of Raw, Hankinson was beaten down by the real Kane, who then tore the mask from his face and threw him out of the arena, claiming that it belonged to him. This marked Hankinson's last appearance on RAW began to air. On the September 7, 2007 edition of won his debut match on changed into his determined and monstrous face. . Following his feud with Kane, Hankinson returned to Deep South Wrestling, in addition to appearing at Smackdown house shows as The Freakin' Deacon. In late January he formed a tag team with G-Rilla. On the May 11`, 2007 edition of Smackdown, a vignette aired suggesting that Hankinson would be repackaged as Festus Dalton as part of a tag team using a 'Southern' gimmick, alongside fellow WWE developmental talent Ray Gordy. On June 2, 2007, however, it was reported that WWE was dropping the "Dalton Boys" gimmick. The explanation for the reason they didn't show up on Smackdown was because (kayfabe) they got lost on their way to the arena. Hankinson and Gordy had actually been sent back to OVW and Hankinson changed his name to Justice Dalton. It marked the second time Hankinson had been dropped from the main roster. On the June 29, 2007 edition of SmackDown, vignettes hyping Jesse and FestusSmackDown, there was a segment featuring Jesse and Festus now actually in the arena rather than in a studio. On October 5th, HankinsonSmackdown! with his partner Jesse. When the opening bell rang, Festus' persona changed into a very focused competitor as compared to the aloof, absent-minded character he had portrayed. When the bell rang signifying the end of the match, Festus returned to his "normal" self. On the December 21, 2007 of Smackdown, Hankinson defeated Deuce in a Santa Match with both of them wearing Santa Claus outfits. On the January 25 edition of Smackdown Jesse explained the reason they haven't been around since the new year is because Festus has been seeing doctors about his problems. In 2008, Jesse and Festus came out and before the bell rang Jesse explained that Festus has been changed. After the bell rang FestusFestus did not change and continues to make a determined and monstrous face after the bell has rung. In April of 2008 Festus had one of his biggest challenges ever as he faced the Undertaker on Smackdown, he suffered his first loss that evening. Currently Festus and Jesse then feuding with Hawkins and Ryder. They were able to battle them as four teams were involved in a four way tag team match on July 20, 2008 at the Great American Bash. John Morrison and the Miz's tag team titles were up for grabs but Festus partner Jesse was pinned by Curt Hawkins making Ryder and Hawkins the new tag team champions.

Recently Festus and his partner Jesse have developed a gimmick where after Festus faces and opponent they duct tape and bubble wrap their opponent and take them to the back. On the September 27, 2008 edition of Smackdown you could see that Festus and Jesse had their last two opponents from the previous weeks of Smackdown tied up still with the duct tape and bubble wrap in the back of their moving van. The gimmick highlighted SmackDown's move to MyNetworkTV, complete with overalls bearing the parodic company title of "MyMoving Company".

In October Festus became infatuated with Maria and on the October 17, 2008 edition of Smackdown he gave her some flowers backstage. Of course this was done through Jesse interpreting for Festus, Festus just stood there and drolled at her.

The team was separated when Festus was drafted to the Raw brand in the 2009 Supplemental Draft. He made his first appearance on Raw on May 4, winning a singing competition against Jillian Hall, but he was attacked afterwards by The Miz. He has also appeared in a tag team match, teaming with The Brian Kendrick

Festus Facts:

Birth Name: Andrew William "Drew" Hankinson
Birth Date: December 22, 1983
Height: 6' ft 7' Inch
Finishing Move: Fireman's carry flapjack

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