Cherry Bio

Drew became involved with wrestling in 1999 managing in the IWF, at the same time she was training to be a wrestler. Eventually by 2003, she was just wrestling. She bounced around independent circuits and then in 2005 she started traing at the OVW. A few months later was signed to a development contract with the WWE. In January of 2006 she made her OVW debut as 'Cherry' and was part of the Throwbacks (later to be known as Deuce and Domino). She became part of their 1950's gimmick always on roller skates and chewing gum. In January of 2007 she made her WWE debut on Smackdown as the manager of boyfriend Deuce and brother Domino, they are announced to be 'from the other side of the tracks'. In April of 2007 she was on the side of Deuce and Domino when they became the WWE tag team champions. In March, 2008 Cherry has began participating in the Smackdown diva contest. A bit surprising to SMACKDOWN fans as this is not her usual self. Her competition was Michelle McCool, Eve Torres, Maryse and Victoria. Cherry made it to the final two but lost to Michelle McCool on the April 4, 2007 Smackdown. On the April 18, 2008 Smackdown, Cherry made her first match debut against Victoria. Despite Victoria dominating the match, Cherry was able to pick up the win with some distraction help from Michelle McCool. The following week on Smackdown Cherry had another match, this time against Natalya Neidhart. Cherry lost her second match but did show that she does have some wrestling skills. With Cherry now involved with the actually wrestling, she stopped appearing with Deuce and Domino and in a WWE exclusive Deuce and Domino had said that they wanted nothing more to do with her and were dumping her for their new friend Maryse, whom they started hanging out with more. After that Cherry competed in many matches and has formed a friendship with Michelle McCool. Cherry and McCool often feuded with Natalya and Victoria. Cherry was released from her contract by the WWE on August 15, 2008.

Cherry Facts:

Birth Name: Kara Elizabeth Drew
Birth Date: July 15, 1975
Height: 5' ft 6' in
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