Jamie Noble Bio

Jamie Noble started wrestling in 1995. He started his first major exposure in WCW and wore a mask all the time to hide the fact that he was Caucasian and was called Jamie-San. He was part of the Jun-Dragons along with Jimmy Yang and Kaz Hayashi. Eventually he would unmask and become known as Jamie Noble. In June of 2002 he made his debut with the WWE under its Smackdown brand. He was a heel and became cruiserweight champion. He ended up turning face for a while then turned heel again. He has feuded with Rey Mysterio as well as some of the other great cruiserweights on Smackdown. In September of 2004 he left the WWE for about 10 months and wrestled all over the world. He came back to the WWE in December of 2005. At the 2007 'Great American Bash' Noble would take part in the cruiserweight open and was pinned by Hornswoggle who became the cruiserweight champion. This led to a feud between these two with Noble often getting embarrassed by losing to the leprechaun, usually by count out or something as Hornswoggle always seems to be a step ahead of Noble. Shannon Moore played a big part using Nobles obsession with Hornswoggle to embarrass him. Currently Noble is infatuated with WWE diva Michelle McCool and has been trying to make a move on her. Noble offered her a deal, that if he would beat her good friend Chuck Palumbo then she would have to go out with him, she agreed. Jamie not only beat Chuck once, but three times in a row causing major problems in McCool's and Palumbo's friendship. Palumbo would later then turn heel and Noble turned face with Michelle McCool now on Nobles side. After weeks and weeks on friendly terms with McCool, Noble ran into Michelle in the hallways on Smackdown and told her that their relationship had to cool down, that he can't be stuck on one woman. Michelle McCool told Jamie that it was OK, letting Jamie feel good about himself and giving him the impression that he dumped her or something.

In June of 2008 Noble was drafted to Raw in the supplemental draft. Upon arriving to Raw Jamie Noble tried to be the ladies man that he tried to be at Smackdown. He tried to impress some of the WWE divas, mainly Layla but it backfired as he would get beaten by usually larger wrestlers. During this time Noble would start feuding with with William Regal with each one exchanging wins and Layla with the wins. On the September 15, 2008 edition of Raw Layla would come out and tell Noble that it was all over and that she has found a man worthy of her, William Regal.

On the February 3rd edition of ECW, Noble approached ECW GM Teddy Long about joining ECW. Jamie said that since Matt Hardy is headed to Smackdown that he'd lend his quality services to the show, Teddy was for it and gave Jamie a match against the Boogeyman in which Noble lost.

On the February 23 episode of Raw, Noble received a neck injury in a match with Mike Knox, and was taken to a local hospital. His injury meant that the scheduled segment between Chris Jericho and Ricky Steamboat that was meant to take place in the ring, had to take place on the stage instead. It was later confirmed, however, that the injury was not severe.

Noble then returned on Raw from his injury and wrestled in matches often teaming up with Brian Kendrick and Chavo Guerrero.

Jamie Noble facts:

Birth Name: James Howard Gibson

Birth Date: December 26, 1976
Height: 5' ft 7' inch
Finishing Move: Firemans carry double knee gutbuster
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