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Matt Hardy at one time teamed up with his younger brother Jeff Hardy as they were known as the Hardy Boyz. He has also been very successful as a singles competitor. His WWF career began in 1998 when he and his brother were given contracts. From 1998 to 2001 Matt was part of the Hardy Boyz tag team and after that has mostly wrestled in singles competition but still didn't give up on tag team wrestling as he and his brother still had great success together but there also came a period were Matt & Jeff couldn't get along. One of the famous stories in Matt's career was about his real life love life with WWE diva Lita, whom Matt was with for 6 years. The relationship came to an end in February of 2005 when Lita had an affair with fellow WWE superstar Edge. Along with his friend Rhyno, Matt Hardy was released by WWE on April 11, 2005. Edge and Lita received jeers from the crowds at WWE events, sometimes resulting in chants, "You screwed Matt," and, "We want Matt." Paul Heyman, in a worked shoot promo, mocked Edge for his actions at One Night Stand 2005. Lita, for the first time in over five years, turned heel as a result of the affair becoming public knowledge. Matt Hardy released two character promotional vignettes, that he was planning to use before he was offered a new contract by WWE. Hardy called himself The Angelic Diablo with the tagline "the scar will become a symbol" in reference to the way in which he has been treated by Lita and WWE. On the June 20, 2005 edition of RAW, during the storyline wedding of Edge and Lita, Matt Hardy's entrance music and video were played when the priest asked if anyone had a reason why Edge and Lita should not be wed. On the July 11, 2005 episode of RAW, Matt Hardy made his return, attacking Edge as he made his way to the ring. On the July 13, 2005 edition of WWE's webcast Byte This!, which featured Lita as its guest, one of the callers was Matt himself. The two engaged in a huge argument which led to Lita walking off the set. Matt ended up winning the tag-team title with his enemy MVP as they were forced to team together and beat Deuce and Domino. They have since lost the titles to the Miz and Jim Morrison after Hardy was back-stabbed by MVP, a move many saw coming. Hardy was injured in the altercation and had to take some time off for his injurie. After being out for around five months Hardy made a surprise visit at Wrestlemania XXIV when he interfered in the 'Money in the Bank Ladder Match'. With MVP looking like he may when it, Hardy went in the ring and gave MVP a 'twist of fate' right before MVP could grab the suitcase. After that Hardy returned to Smackdown and had a mission to get MVP's United States Championship. That opportunity came April 27, 2008 at Backlash when Hardy beat MVP and became the United States Champion. In June of 2008 during the 2008 WWE draft Matt Hardy was drafted from Smackdown to ECW. Matt Hardy would hold on to the United States Championship belt until July 20, 2008 at the Great American Bash when Shelton Benjamin beat him.

On August 17, 2008 Matt Hardy battled Mark Henry for the ECW Championship at Summerslam 2008. Hardy won the match and almost won the title but did not because of outside interference from Mark Henry's sidekick Tony Atlas which caused Henry to lose by DQ. Hardy received a rematch a few days later on ECW but the same thing happened again as Tony Atlas interfered and Mark Henry retained his ECW title.

Henry's luck would not last though as both Matt Hardy and Mark Henry competed in the ECW scramble match at Unforgiven on September 7, 2008. Others competing in the match were Chavo Guerrero, Finlay and the Miz. Matt Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on the Miz and got the cover and spent the rest of the match breaking up attempted pinfalls by others. The match ended and Matt Hardy became the new ECW Champion. On October 5, 2008 at No Mercy Mark Henry had his rematch against Matt Hardy since he never actually got pinned by Hardy when he lost his ECW title. Matt Hardy was able to surprise Henry late in the match though with a Twist of Fate and defended his ECW championship title.

On October 26, 2008 at Cyber Sunday Matt would defend his ECW title against the high flying Evan Bourne. Hardy would eventually hit his Twist of Fate on Bourne and retain his ECW title.

Hardy defended his title again on the November 11, 2008 edition of ECW against Finlay. Hardy was able to hit his Twist of Fate to seal the victory and retain his title.

At Survivor Series on November 23, 2008 Matt hardy was part of Team Batista which would battle Team Orton. Hardy and Batista ended up being at a disadvantage in the match as they were the only ones left against four members left from Team Orton. Mark Henry then eliminated Matt Hardy with a powerslam as Team Orton went on to win the match.

Hardy's ECW championship run would come to an end on 01-13-09 when Jack Swagger would beat him on the January 13, 2009 edition of ECW. Matt would get another shot to claim the ECW title once again when he had a rematch against Swagger a few weeks later in the 2009 Royal Rumble. After getting hit with Swaggers gut wrench power bomb, Matt could not recover and lost the match. Later that same evening Matt's brother Jeff Hardy would defend the WWE championship in a match against Edge. After Vickie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero would interfere in the match for Edge, Matt came in what appeared to be helping his brother Jeff. Matt
grabbed a chair and handed it to Jeff. He then grabbed another one for himself and it looked like they were going to do a conchairto on Edge before Matt betrayed his brother and hit Jeff over the head with the chair thus causing Edge to take the WWE title.

On the January 30th, 2009 edition of Smackdown Matt Hardy opened up the show taking stage in the ring. With Matt Hardy officially turning heel, fans wanted some answers with the main question being, WHY? Matt said that the WWE fans never liked him as much as they did Jeff and went on to say that there is no such thing anymore as the Hardy Boys. Matt even went on to say that Jeff is not his brother anymore.

Week after week Matt would then try to engage Jeff Hardy into hitting him but Jeff refused to hit his brother time after time, week after week until he couldn't take it anymore on the March 13th, 2008 edition of Smackdown. This would lead to an Extreme Rules match between the brothers on April 5th, 2009 at Wrestlemania 25. This match saw framed poster, trash can, chairs and a vacuum cleaner used. In the end Matt was victorious as he nailed Jeff with a Twist of Fate with Jeff's head through a chair.

On the April 13 episode of Raw, Hardy was drafted to the Raw brand as part of the WWE draft. Two weeks later, in a rematch from WrestleMania, Hardy lost to Jeff in an "I Quit" match at Backlash, in which he broke his hand. Hardy continued to wrestle with his hand in a cast, incorporating it into his persona and claiming that he was wrestling under protest.

On June 7, 2009 at Extreme Rules Matt would battle MVP, William Regal and Kofi Kingston in a fatal four way for the United States championship. Kofi Kingston ended up defending his title though as he pinned Matt.

At the June 22 taping of WWE Superstars, Hardy suffered an injury, when his intestines "exploded" through his abdominal wall, during a Triple Threat match against MVP and Kofi Kingston. Hardy had suffered a tear in his abdominal muscle two years previously, but had not needed surgery until it worsened, and became a danger to his health. He was then traded to the SmackDown brand on June 29, and underwent surgery for the torn abdominal muscle on July 2. He made his return on the August 7 episode of SmackDown as the special guest enforcer in the World Heavyweight Championship match between his brother, Jeff, and CM Punk, and helped Jeff retain the championship by counting the pinfall.

On the August 14, 2009 episode of Smackdown Jeff Hardy battled DH Smith & Tyson Kidd in a 2 on 1 handicapped match. CM Punk would get involved and triple team with the Hart's against Jeff but then John Morrison ran into the ring to help out Jeff. The Hart's took care of Morrison though and then Punk hit Morrison over the head with a steel chair. Punk then put a chair on Jeff's neck to try to do the same thing he did the previous week. Just then, Matt Hardy rushed out to the ring and started fighting Punk to prevent any harm. Morrison was able to recover to start fighting the Harts off, and eventually they cleared the ring. Matt went over to help up Jeff Hardy, who was resistant at first. After all was over, backstage, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon went up to Teddy Long and asked what's in store for next week's show. Long announced Morrison & The Hardys vs. CM Punk and Hart Dynasty.

The next week on the August 21, 2009 episode of Smackdown Matt Hardy would team up with his brother Jeff Hardy and John Morrison and battle the Hart Dynasty and CM Punk. Matt and Jeff were introduced together and came down the ramp together reminding fans of all the old Hardy Boys memories. Matt and Jeff jelled quickly as the old Hardy Boyz team chemistry never missed a beat. John Morrison was also impressive in the match along side the Hardy's. The match ended when Matt hit CM Punk with the Twist of Fate and the pin. After the match, Matt and Jeff hugged.

With Jeff Hardy recently losing his World Heavyweight Championship to CM Punk and then losing a match to Punk in a loser leaves the WWE match; Matt Hardy would try to avenge his brother with a match against CM Punk on the September 4, 2009 edition of Smackdown. During the match CM Punk would use a steel chair to his advantage and thus , would get disqualified. Then the lights went out. Undertaker's bell tolled. All of a sudden, the lights came back with Taker standing right near CM Punk. Punk was shocked and ran right into Undertaker who grabbed him and chokeslammed him right through the commentator's table.

Some Matt Hardy Facts:

Birth Name: Mathew Moore Hardy
Birth Date: September 23, 1974
Height: 6" ft 2" inch
Finishing Moves: Twist of fate
Before signing with the WWF Matt and brother Jeff created their own wrestling promotion called Omega Wrestling.
Matt Hardy was offered my Melina to join her M&M team of Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury but refused.
In 1999 appeared on 'That 70's Show'
In 2002 won on fear factor
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