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Ric Flair is one of wrestlings top performers and will surely go down in history as one of wrestlings greatest. Ric Flair made his wrestling debut in 1972 in the AWA. His early success came in the NWA were he had much success for nearly two decades. He held many championships during his time with NWA but then got into a dispute with the NWA/WCW management team and immediately headed off to rival WWF. When he went to the WWF along with him he took the World Heavyweight Championship Belt and proclaimed himself to be the real World Heavyweight Champion. He ended up selling the belt back to WCW. Flair ended up capturing the WWF Championship belt a couple times in his short stay until 1993 when he headed back to WCW and had rivalries there with superstars such as Hulk Hogan and Randy "Macho Man" Savage who had come over from the WWF and of course were big superstars.

Ric Flair spent most of his career with the NWA/WCW and after the WWF purchased WCW Ric Flair had the honor of being in the last match ever for WCW, it was Ric Flair VS Sting. He appeared on "Raw" in 2001 and eventually become part of Triple H's "Evolution". He stood on "Raw" until June of 2007 when he was sent to "Smackdown" as part of the WWE draft. Ric Flair is known for his famous "Whooooooooo" sound he lets out when things are going his way in a match and also his Nature Boy Strut. Ric Flair came to Smackdown from Raw during the 2007 draft. On August 3rd, 2007 Ric Flair was a victim of Khali's new claw move and unfortunately that may be the last time we see Ric Flair as there have been many reports that he has quite the company because he was not to happy with the WWE writers. Ric Flair will finally be making his comeback to Smackdown after 5 or 6 months off. He will probably return 12-21-07. Ric Flair made his comeback and announced on Smackdown that he will be having a match against someone he really respects - Edge. He said he wants to fight the best. If Flair is to lose to lose the match he will retire. He ended up surviving the Edge match and seems to be making a habit of these retirement matches and succeeding each time. Flair will be the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2008. This will make him the first inductee ever while still an active wrestler. At Wrestlemania XXIV Ric Flair had yet another retirement match against old buddy Shawn Michaels. It was an emotional loss for Ric Flair as he and HBK began to tear up. Flair thanked the fans and gave a memorable departure to his historic wrestling career. The following day on Monday Night RAW Ric Flair gave his final farewell to a teary eyed crowd at Amway Arena. The 2008 hall of fame inductee was honored in the ring by Triple H, Batista, John Cena, Greg Valentine, Ricky Steamboat and many other wrestling stars.

On the February 9, 2009 episode of Raw, Flair made an appearance to confront Chris Jericho, telling him to respect the WWE Legends and the fans.

On February 16, Ric Flair signed a multi-event contract with Ring of Honor. The deal includes autograph sessions at ROH events. Flair made his first ROH appeareance on March 13, 2009 in Colinsville, Illinois, where he had a confrontation with World Heavyweight Champion Nigel McGuinness.

On the February 23 episode of Raw, it was announced that Flair will be inducting Ricky Steamboat into the WWE Hall of Fame.

At the March 9, 2009 episode of Raw, Flair appeared during a Money in the Bank qualifier match between Jericho and Kofi Kingston, distracting Jericho which cost him the match. Jericho subsequently suggested Flair come out of retirement and challenged him to a match on the March 16 Raw. That week, Flair declined Jericho's challenge. Instead he, along with Piper, Steamboat and Jimmy Snuka attacked Jericho. On the March 23 episode of Raw, after telling Jericho he would be proud to stand tall with his fellow Hall of Famers at WrestleMania, he was attacked by Jericho. Jericho then took Flair's golden watch (which was given to him on the Raw after WrestleMania XXIV as a gift from Shawn Michaels) and destroyed it.

All of this would lead into a Chris Jericho Vs. Legends match on April 5th, 2009 at Wrestlemania 25. It would be Jericho against Ricky Steamboat, Roddy Pipper and Jimmy Superfly Snuka. Of course Ric Flair will be very close watching this match!

At Wrestlemania 25 Jericho beat the legends but it wasn't easy for him. After the match Flair went in and went all out on Jericho until Jericho laid Flair out. Jericho got the win but he wasn't the last man laughing as actor Mickey Rourke also went into the ring and gave Jericho a left hook that knocked him out. Flair got back up and held Rourke's hand up in the air celebrating.

On May 17, 2009, Flair returned to WWE during the Judgment Day pay-per-view, coming to the aid of Batista, who was being attacked by The Legacy faction (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase). He also appeared the following night on Raw, in a verbal confrontation with Orton.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Flair announced that he will wrestle again, although unlikely for WWE. He was quoted to have said "I haven't retired, they retired me."

Birth Name: Richard Morgan Fliehr
Birthdate: February 25, 1949
Nickname: The Nature Boy
Finishing Move: Figure Four Leg Lock
Dropped out of wrestling school three times.
In 1975 Ric Flair and a few other wrestlers were in a plane crash which broke his back.
Was a medical student but dropped out to be trained as a wrestler
Has been a world champion 21 times
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