Kenny Dykstra Bio

Ken was only 15 years old when he made his wrestling debut in 2001. He wrestled in New England. Once contracted with the WWE he wrestled at OVW (developmental territory). In 2006 Kenny Dyksta appeared on RAW. He then feuded alot with Ric Flair then teamed up with Johnny Nitro until Dykstra was sent to SMACKDOWN during the 2007 draft. On July 6, 2007 Kenny made his SMACKDOWN debut, going up against Chuck Palumbo (who was returning to SMACKDOWN). He has formed an on-screen relationship with WWE diva Victoria and the two usually tag team. They were going up against Jimmy Wang Yang and Torrie Wilson then started feuding with Chuck Palumbo and Michelle McCool. After that Dykstra just disappeared for over eight months but appeared on the August 15, 2008 edition of Smackdown as he wrestled Triple H in a losing effort. The following weeks Dykstra appeared in a couple matches losing to R-Truth and Festus. Dyksta has been letting it be known how the WWE has not been utilizing such a great young talent that they have in him and had let them know how it had been making him feel. Before a match against R-Truth he questioned how the WWE could build off of an ex-felon instead of him.

Dykstra then began feuding with Jesse and Festus and usually would never get the upper hand on them. Dykstra even got bubble wrapped and loaded into a moving van by Jesse and Festus, a hobby they started to do to their opponents.

On November 10, 2008 WWE announced that Kenny Dykstra had been released from his contract.

Since his WWE release, Doane has wrestled on the independent circuit primarily in the New England area.

Kenny Dykstra facts:

Birth Name: Ken George Doane
Birth Date: March 16, 1986
Height: 6' ft 4' in
Finishing Move: Diving Guillotine legdrop
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