Big Daddy V Bio

Big Daddy V began his wrestling career under the name Nelson Knight as part of the Knight Brothers along with Bobby Knight in the USWA and PWF as they became tag team champs along the way. He signed with the WWF in 1993 with his partner as they came in as faces and won the tag team championship under their new name 'Men on a Mission'. During this time Big Daddy became known as Mabel and later King Mabel as he won 'King of the Ring'. In 1996 he was released from the WWF and wrestled for other wrestling promotions. In July of 1998 he made a brief comeback to the WWF but officially came back in 1999 and ended up becoming the Hardcore Champion but then left the company again in 2000. He once again spent some time wrestling for some independent circuits but returned once again in late 2004 to the now WWE under a name he had used in the past, Viscera. He made a couple appearances on SMACKDOWN but was then sent to RAW were he teamed up with Trish Stratus for a while. Eventually he became known as 'The Worlds Largest Love Machine' and was not shy about trying seduce women. He was then a tag team partner with Val Venus (who was another ladies man) for nearly nine months. In June of 2007 he was sent to the ECW in the WWE draft and would later challenge CM Punk for the ECW Championship but would lose via DQ. When he went to the ECW he was repackaged under the name Big Daddy V. Since the SMACKDOWN-ECW merging was going on Big Daddy V has had feuds with Kane and the Undertaker. He participated in the Wrestlemania XXIV 24 man battle royal but was eliminated. After that it was speculated that Big Daddy V was sent on a mission to lose some weigh by the WWE. In the 2008 WWE draft Big Daddy V was drafted to Smackdown from ECW. Big Daddy V never quite showed up on Smackdown though and was official released by the WWE in August of 2008.

He is currently signed with the National Wrestling Alliance and wrestling under the name King V.

Big Daddy V Facts:

Birth Name: Nelson Frazier Jr.
Birth Date: February 14, 1972
Finishing Moves: Running pointed elbow drop pin
Height: 6' ft 9' inch
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