Ashley Massaro Bio

Ashley grew up in Long Island, New York. Her brother and her dad wrestled as amateur wrestlers so that may be how here love for wrestling came to be. Ashley was the winner of the RAW diva search in 2005 and won the $250,000 prize and a one year contract with the WWE, so it all began. Candice and Torrie Wilson welcomed here to RAW, well kind of, by turning heel and feuding with her. In June of 2006 Ashley came to SMACKDOWN and started feuding with Kristal Marshall alot. She later started accompanying Paul London and Brian Kindrick to the ring during their matches. 2007 was the year that Ashley became Playboys cover girl. It was also the year that WWE diva Melina began feuding with Ashley. At Wrestlemania 23 the two divas went at it but Ashley was defeated by Melina and defended her woman championship. On the June 8, 2007 edition of SMACKDOWN Ashley was indefinitely suspended when she accidentally spilled some coffee on Mr. McMan. Since she was taking some time off, Ashley appeared on the TV reality show 'Survivor - china'. She returned to WWE wrestling in January of 2008 on the RAW brand and won a lingerie divas pillow fight. Ashley would compete at Wrestlemania XXIV as she teamed up with Maria in a Playboy Bunnymania match against Melina and Beth Phoenix. Unfortunately her and Maria lost the match.

In May 2008, Rolling Stone reported that Massaro was employed by a Los Angeles escort agency. The Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed it was investigating the agency - but did not address Massaro's relation to them. On her MySpace page, Massaro said she was "beyond upset" and urged fans "don't believe it for a second.

On July 9, 2008 Ashley was released from her WWE contract. Ashley reported that she had asked to be released from her contract due to her daughter being sick.

Ashley Facts:

Birth Name: Ashley Marie Massaro
Birth Date: May 26, 1979
Height: 5' ft 5' inch
Finishing Move: Starstruck
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