Kristal Marshall Bio

Kristal was a huge success in life even before her life her on Smackdown. She was a competitor in the 2004 Miss California contest, a model for Deal or no Deal, in commercials, in music videos and was one of Bob Barkers lovely ladies on 'The Price is Right'. She came to the WWE in 2005 during a Diva search and finished 4th but WWE officials liked her and kept her around and toward the end of the year had her doing backstage correspondence. In 2006 she had a feud with Jillian and started seeing some ring action. She also became heel and started beef with diva search winner Ashley. In 2006 when the new diva search winner Layla came to Smackdown Kristal immediately warned her from trying to make a name for herself. Kristal has been involved in many bra and pantie matches with other WWE divas. In 2007 Krystal became engaged to Smackdown GM Teddie Long. Their wedding was held on the September 21 edition of Smackdown. Unfortunately for them the wedding was a time of disaster and Teddy Long had to be rushed off in the ambulance. After this happend we didn't see Krystal anymore. Word has it that she was let go by Smackdown because she did not agree where the storyline was heading and she moved on. She said the storyline they were giving her was morally wrong.

Kristal Facts:

Birth Name: Kristal Marshall
Birth Date: November 11, 1983
Height: 5'ft 5'inch
Finishing Move: Kristal crash
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