Hornswoggle Bio

Hornswoggles real name is Dylan Postl. Before Hornswoggle came to Smackdown he was probaly best known for appearing on NWA. In May of 2006 he first showed up as the leprechaun who seemed to live under the ring and come out during Finlay's fights. Before he had a name Smackdown announcer would refer to him as 'the little bastard' and the name kind of grew from there despite color commentator JBL objecting to it. Soon, he wanted a public apology from Michael Cole for naming him 'the little bastard' and Finlay also told Michael Cole aggressively that he was to be called by the name Hornswoggle. It was good for Finlay to back up his little friend because Hornswoggle has been a key to many Finlay victories.

To many peoples surprise Hornswoggle ended up winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship after pinning Jamie Noble in a Cruiserweight open at the 'Great American Bash'. Though he was not scheduled to participate in the match, he ran across the ring as the bell was rung before going back under the ring. All the other participates of the match didn't even know he was in the match until he pinned Noble. This has led to a feud between Hornswoggle and Jamie Noble as Hornswogge has continued to embarrass Jamie Noble week after week.

At the beginning of September of 2007 Hornswoggle had to honor to find out that Mr. Vince McMahan was his father. This happened as Mr. McMahan was searching for his long lost son, whom he knew was currently in the WWE. Mr. McMahan tried to have Hornswoggle adopted but Hornswoggle rebelled and chased his supposedly new parents away.

In late September of 2007 Vickie Guerrero who at the time has been filling in for GM Teddy Long took the Cruiserweight title away from Hornswoggle, telling him that she was worried about him and that he was a target of the other Smackdown superstars because of his title but also because it is now known that he is a McMahan. Hornswoggle sadly handed over the belt. Hornswoggle had been in a feud with the great Khali along with fellow Irishman Finaly who would always have Hornswoggle's back. On the February 18 Hornswoggle had a match with Mr. McMahan, McMahan was showing his son, in his mind some tough love. Finlay tried to help Hornswoggle but got tied to the ropes with handcuffs by JBL. McMahan left the ring and Finlay was helpless as JBL beat on Hornswoggle. A few weeks later JBL had an announcement to make, he claimed that Hornswoggle was not really Vince McMahan's son and that Finlay was really his father. The next week on RAW Finlay said that it was true.

On the April 11th, 2008 Smackdown, Hornswoggle and Finlay both made their official return to Smackdown after going through all that drama over there on Raw. On June 29, 2008 Hornswoggle and Finlay challenged Morrison and Miz for their tag team titles at Night of Champions but were not able to capture the gold as they lost.

On April 13, 2009, Hornswoggle was drafted to the Raw brand, without Finlay, as part of the 2009 Supplemental Draft. He then formed an alliance with Goldust, after Goldust saved him when he had a match against The Big Show on WWE Superstars. The two officially became a team on the May 25 edition of Raw. Hornswoggle teamed with Goldust in a winning effort against The Brian Kendrick and Festus.

Hornswoggle and Goldust's partnership was ended as Goldust was traded to ECW. After that Hornswoggle had numerous matches with the Mexican warrior Chavo Guerrero which he won, due to special stipulations for Chavo such as wrestling blindfolded or having one arm tied behind his back.

Hornswoggle then started teaming with Mark Henry and they both continued to feud with Chavo Guerrero.

Chavo continued to battle Hornswoggle in strange matches such as a boxing match in which Chavo had to wear really big over sized boxing gloves. In another match Chavo and Hornswoggle had to tie up the other in a bull rope and that would declare the winner.

Hornswoggle Facts:

Birth Name:Dylan Postl
Birth Date: May 29, 1986
Nickname: The Little Bastard
Height: 4' ft 4 inches
Finishing Moves: Tadpole Splash
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