Chris Jericho Bio

Christopher Keith Irvine who is better known by his ring name Chris Jericho, is an American-born Canadian professional wrestler.

As a part of WWE, he is credited as being the first-ever Undisputed Champion in WWE. His first reign as WWF Champion and his second reign as WCW Champion (then known as the World Championship) together make him the first Undisputed Champion in history. In addition, he is also the ninth Triple Crown Champion and the fourth Grand Slam Champion.

A year after graduating from college, Chris Jericho was setting up rings for promoter Bob Holliday. At age nineteen, he entered the Hart Brothers School of Wrestling where, on his first day, he met Lance Evers, the future Lance Storm. The two remain close friends to this day. Two months later, he was ready to start wrestling on independent shows, making his debut in October 1990 in a draw against Storm. The pair would go on to work as a tag-team, initially called "Sudden Impact". He took the name "Jericho" from the Helloween album, Walls of Jericho.

Jericho and Storm worked for Tony Condello in the tours of Northern Manitoba with future superstars Adam Copeland (Edge), Jason Reso (Christian Cage), and Terry Gerin (Rhino). The pair also wrestled in Calgary's Canadian National Wrestling Alliance (CNWA) and Canadian Rocky Mountain Wrestling (CRMW). In the winter of 1992, he traveled to Mexico where he wrestled for several small wrestling companies as well as the largest in the country, Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre (EMLL). In EMLL, Jericho took on Silver King, Negro Casas, and Último Dragón en route to an eleven-month reign as the NWA Middleweight Champion that began in December 1993. His burgeoning wrestling skills also took him to Japan in 1994 where he competed for the Wrestling and Romance (WAR) promotion, facing the likes of Gedo and Último Dragón, to whom he lost the WAR International Junior Heavyweight Championship. 1994 also saw Jericho reunited with his former teammate from CRMW, Storm, as the Thrillseekers in Jim Cornette's Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion. In 1995, Jericho competed in the second Super J Cup Tournament, hosted by WAR, losing to Chris Benoit.

In 1996, thanks to a recommendation by Mick Foley to promoter Paul Heyman, Jericho began wrestling for the Philadelphia-based Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) promotion, winning the ECW Television Championship in June 1996. While in ECW, Chris Jericho made a name for himself, wrestling top talent such as Taz, Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Cactus Jack, Shane Douglas, and 2 Cold Scorpio. It was during this time that he drew the attention of WCW.

On August 26, 1996 Jericho made his first appearance with WCW, and on September 15, he appeared at his first pay-per-view show, in a match against Chris Benoit at Fall Brawl. On June 28, 1997, Jericho defeated Syxx in Los Angeles, California to win the Cruiserweight Championship for the first time. He won the title again on August 12, 1997, by defeating Alex Wright.

Jericho began his WCW heel run when he won the title a third time, defeating Rey Mysterio, Jr. at Souled Out by forcing him to submit to the Liontamer. After the match, Jericho assaulted Mysterio's knee with a toolbox. Mysterio (kayfabe) needed six months of recovery before he could return to the ring. Jericho then had a short feud with Juventud Guerrera with Guerrera repeatedly wanting a shot at Jericho's Cruiserweight Championship but constantly being rebuffed. This resulted in a Title vs. Mask match at SuperBrawl VIII. Guerrera lost the match and was forced to remove his mask. Following this match, Jericho began his ongoing gimmick of collecting and wearing to the ring trophy items from his defeated opponents, such as Guerrera's mask, Prince Iaukea's Hawaiian dress, and a headband from Disco Inferno.

Jericho alternated between WCW and a number of Japanese tours before his debut with the World Wrestling Federation. The build-up to Jericho's arrival was a clock labeled "countdown to the new millennium," counting down over the weeks prior to his arrival. On the home video, Break the Walls Down, Jericho states he was inspired to do this as his entrance when he saw a similar clock in a post office. Vince McMahon gave him the green light to use it as his intro to the WWF. The clock finally ran down on August 9, 1999 in Chicago, Illinois while The Rock was in the ring doing a promo. Jericho, a heel, who was actually being cheered instead of getting booed, entered the arena and proclaimed himself "Y2J" (a play on the Y2K bug). The Rock proceeded to verbally mock him for his interruption.

Jericho feuded with Chyna for the Intercontinental Championship. After losing to Chyna at the Survivor Series 1999, Jericho won his first Intercontinental title at Armageddon. This feud with Chyna lasted for many months, including a controversial decision during a rematch in which two separate referees declared each one of them the winner of a match for the title. As a result, they became co-owners of the title until Jericho attained sole ownership at the Royal Rumble. He ended up dropping the title to Kurt Angle at No Way Out.

On April 2, Jericho participated in a Triple Threat match against Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 2000. Angle entered the match-up as both the WWF European and WWF Intercontinental Champion. The first man to score a pinfall or submission would be declared Intercontinental Champion. The second man to score a pinfall or submission would be declared European Champion. Jericho was first pinned by Benoit and pinned Benoit later on in the match, making Jericho the new European Champion. Jericho lost the title the next day to Eddie Guerrero on Raw after Chyna turned heel to side with Guerrero, claiming she could not resist his Latino Heat. On the April 17 edition of Raw, Jericho upset Triple H in a WWF Championship match. Referee Earl Hebner had made a fast count when Jericho pinned Triple H, giving Jericho the title. After previous weeks of assault on referee Earl Hebner, Triple H told him that if he reversed the decision, then he would never touch him while he was under contract. After Hebner reversed the decision, he fired Hebner and assaulted him. Despite the pinfall win over Triple H, WWE does not recognize Jericho's reign as champion. After the controversial decision, Jericho went on to feud with Chris Benoit. On the May 4 edition of SmackDown!, Jericho defeated Benoit to become Intercontinental Champion for the second time, but lost the title back to Benoit four days later on Raw.

Jericho's popularity skyrocketed when he started feuding with Triple H and his wife (just married in the storyline at the time) Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Fans took particular delight in his promos toward Stephanie, as he showered her with insults, calling her a "filthy, dirty, disgusting, brutal, bottom-feeding, trash-bag ho" and throwing a pie in her face. He got the best of Triple H on more than one occasion, even helping the Brooklyn Brawler, a renowned jobber, gain an upset victory over the then four-time WWF Champion. Their feud climaxed at Fully Loaded, when they competed in a Last Man Standing match, with Jericho only losing the match to Triple H by one second and thanks to multiple occasions of Stephanie helping Triple H, especially in the final moments.

At WrestleMania 21, Jericho participated in the first-ever Money in the Bank ladder match. The match concept was suggested by Jericho, and he competed in the match against Benjamin, Chris Benoit, Kane, Christian, and Edge. Despite coming up with the idea for the match, he lost the match when Edge claimed the briefcase. At Backlash, Chris Jericho yet again challenged Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship, but failed in his attempt to win the belt. On June 12, 2005 Jericho wrestled in the first match of the ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view event, against Lance Storm. Jericho used his 'Lionheart' gimmick, instead of his more well known 'Y2J' gimmick. Jericho lost after interference from Jason and Justin Credible; Jericho was hit in the head with a Singapore Cane, allowing Storm to pin him.

Later that June, Jericho became a heel for the third time in the WWE by turning on WWE Champion John Cena. Jericho lost a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship at Vengeance which also involved Christian to Cena. The feud continued throughout the Summer and Jericho lost to Cena in a championship match at SummerSlam. The next night on Raw, Jericho faced Cena in a rematch, this time in a "You're fired" match, where the loser would be fired. Cena won again, and Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff kayfabe fired a pleading Jericho, who was carried out of the arena by security. WWE's official website confirmed on July 28, 2005 that Chris Jericho signed a short-term contract extension to stay with the company after his long-term contract expired, which presumably ended after his loss to Cena on August 22. On August 25, Jericho announced his departure from WWE in a statement on (and later pulled from) his official website, saying that after 15 years of wrestling he was mentally burnt out and no longer challenged by wrestling at that point in time, noting that he has done everything he has ever wanted to do in the business. He said that the "You're fired" match with John Cena was his last match "for now," but said he was not done with wrestling or WWE, and that if he returned to wrestling, it would be with WWE. On his official website he added a press release saying he is touring with Fozzy, acting, hosting his XM Radio show, The Rock Of Jericho, appearing on VH1's Best Week Ever, and being a guest commentator on MuchMusic's Video on Trial.

Jericho's return had been promoted since September 24, 2007 with a viral marketing campaign using a series of 15-second cryptic binary code videos, similar to the matrix digital rain featured in The Matrix series. The videos contained hidden messages and biblical links related to Jericho, although speculation existed throughout WWE fans over who the campaign targeted. The text "Save Us" and "2nd Coming" were most prominent in the videos. The campaign spread throughout the internet with numerous websites, though no longer operational, that featured hidden messages and biblical links to further hint at Jericho's return.

Jericho made his return to WWE television on the November 19, 2007 edition of Raw, where he interrupted Randy Orton during Orton's orchestrated "passing of the torch" ceremony. Jericho revealed his intentions to reclaim the WWE Championship in order to "save" WWE fans from Orton, with a new haircut and the Y2J gimmick again. Jericho wrestled in his first match in over two years on the November 26 edition of Raw, debuting a new finishing maneuver called the Codebreaker, to defeat Santino Marella. At his first pay-per-view appearance, Armageddon, he was booked in a WWE title match against Randy Orton. Jericho, however, defeated Orton by disqualification when John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL) interfered in the match. As a result, Orton retained the title. He began a feud with JBL and met him at the Royal Rumble. Jericho was disqualified after hitting JBL with a steel chair. At No Way Out, Jericho competed in his fourth Elimination Chamber match alongside Triple H, Shawn Michaels, JBL, Umaga, and Jeff Hardy. He was the third man eliminated when Hardy pinned him following Michaels' Sweet Chin Music. On the March 10 edition of Raw, Jericho captured the Intercontinental Championship for a record eighth time, this time defeating Jeff Hardy.

On the June 9 edition of Raw, Jericho turned heel once again by attacking Shawn Michaels during his talk show segment The Highlight Reel, and after that developed a "self-righteous businessman" gimmick, wearing a suit and tie. In doing so, Jericho purposely shed many of the trademarks associated with the "Y2J" character, taking "every characteristic that made him popular, and strip[ing] those traits away from himself." Paul Heyman was enthusiastic about the transformation, claiming "All that's left is an articulate villain who delivers his lines with little emotion but lots of conviction. Jericho's contempt for all those who dare to oppose him is a 180 degree turn from the fun-loving Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla whose fan base had few peers in terms of numbers and volume." At Night of Champions, he lost the Intercontinental title to Kofi Kingston after a successful distraction by Shawn Michaels. He hosted the final version of The Highlight Reel on the July 28 edition of Raw. At Unforgiven, Jericho lost an Unsanctioned match to Michaels. But in the main event, Jericho entered in the Championship Scramble as a replacement for the defending champion CM Punk and subsequently won the World Heavyweight Championship. On the September 22 edition of Raw he successfully retained his title in a Steel Cage match against CM Punk. Later on, it was announced that Jericho would defend his World Championship against Shawn Michaels at No Mercy, thus continuing the feud between the two. He successfully defended his title against Michaels at No Mercy in a ladder match. At Cyber Sunday, Jericho dropped the title to Batista with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee. Eight days later, however, on a three hour special episode of Raw, he defeated Batista to win back the title in a steel cage match. This reign would last until the 2008 Survivor Series, where Jericho lost to the returning John Cena. On the December 8 edition of Raw, he won a Slammy Award for the Superstar of the Year.

On the January 12, 2009 episode of Raw, Jericho was involved in a narrative in which WWE Executive Vice President Stephanie McMahon fired him. The next week, he was rehired by McMahon after a forced apology to her and the fans. One week later, Jericho qualified for the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out when he defeated CM Punk. At the pay-per-view, he started the match with Rey Mysterio and survived to the final three as he eliminated Mike Knox and helped eliminate Kane and the champion John Cena. He was pinned by Mysterio when he reversed the Walls of Jericho. Jericho started a feud with real-life actor - and star of the movie The Wrestler - Mickey Rourke and with all WWE Hall of Famers. He challenged and attacked Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka and Ricky Steamboat. Jericho won an elimination match at WrestleMania XXV against Snuka, Steamboat and Piper. Jericho then fought Ric Flair and finished the fight with a Double Knee Facebreaker called the Codebreaker. Jericho then challenged Mickey Rourke, the star of "The Wrestler. Rourke kayfabe knocked Jericho out after an elbow to the back of the head.

On the April 13 episode of Raw, Jericho was drafted to the SmackDown brand as part of the 2009 WWE Draft. On his Raw farewell address he was interrupted by Ricky Steamboat which led to the two facing off at Backlash where Jericho came out victorious. On his Smackdown re-debut, Jericho participated in a fatal-four-way elimination match which also featured Kane, Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio. Mysterio gave Jericho a Tiger Feint Kick and tried to follow up with a Springboard Seated Senton before Jericho threw a chair into him and was then DQ'd. This started a feud between the two and a face off at Judgment Day for the Intercontinental Championship was booked, where Mysterio pinned Jericho after a 619. The feud would continue with the two facing off in a No Holds Barred Match at Extreme Rules where Jericho was able to win and unmask Mysterio. He consequently broke his own record, increasing his number of reigns with the Intercontinental Title from eight to nine. At The Bash Jericho lost his Intercontinental Title back to Rey Mysterio. However he would compete later on in the PPV, winning the Unified Tag Team Championship with partner Edge.

Shortly afterwards, Edge suffered a real life injury and needed time off. In the storyline, Jericho announced that he had a clause in his contract stating that should Edge become injured during their title reign, Jericho would not be forced to forfeit, but rather would be allowed to select a new partner.

On July 26, 2009 at Night of Champions, Jericho revealed The Big Show as his partner, and they defeated Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase to retain the championship.

The next night on Raw NBA star Shaq O'neal was introduced as Raw's special guest host for the night. Jericho interrupted Shaq in the ring and told Shaq that when he heard that the greatest NBA player of all time was there tonight he thought that Kobe Bryant was there. Jericho continued to mock Shaq but Shaq started mocking Jericho back and began giving Jericho little pushes. Jericho then introduced his Unified tag team champion partner Big Show who came out into the ring and exchanged insults with Shaq. Shaq then set up a match for later that evening with Cryme Tyme taking on Show and Jericho and said he'd be the special guest enforcer for that tag match.

Cryme Tyme battled the tag team champs later that evening and the match came down to Big Show beating unmercifully on JTG & Shad. The ref finally called for the bell in a DQ. Show kept stomping away on Cryme Tyme and then prepared to chokeslam both men in front of Shaq. Show shoved them down and then called for Shaq to get in the ring. Shaq tore off his enforcer's ref shirt and climbed into the ring. Shaq got right in Show's face and the two kept trash talking. Show pushed Shaq, so Shaq shoved back. Show then slapped his hand around Shaq's neck, so Shaq did the same back. The two held each other there, and then Cryme Tyme ran over to kick Show. Shaq did a running shoulder block into Show to knock him out of the ring with the crowd cheering it.

On July 31, 2009 on Smackdown Cryme Tyme would battle the Hart Dynasty and the winners of the match would get the opportunity to battle Big Show and Jericho for the Unified Tag Team titles at Summer Slam 2009. Cryme Tyme won and will challenge for the Unified Tag Team titles at Summer Slam.

On August 23, 2009 at Summerslam Jericho and Big Show were able to beat Cryme Tyme as they successfully defended their Unified tag team championship belts.

Jericho then started feuding with MVP after a match in which MVP hit Jericho with brass knuckles. The match was a MVP and Mark Henry match against Chris Jericho and the Big Show. Floyd Mayweather, who had knocked out the Big Show at Wrestlemania 24 with brass knuckles was sitting ring side and tossed in brass knuckles to MVP during the match.

R-Truth Bio

Ron Killings was born in Atlanta but grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. Killings aspired to become a musician. After moving to Charlotte, Killings became enamored with hip hop music and breakdancing. Throughout his high school years, Killings was a successful track runner and football player. He was on the same football team as MLB player Ray Durham at Harding High School. He was offered college scholarships, but turned them down in order to pursue a career in music. By the time he left school at the age of sixteen, Killings had met rappers such as Tupac Shakur and Eazy-E and was determined to become a rapper himself. He joined a talent agency named Ice Productions and became an opening act for performers such as MC Lyte and 3rd Bass. In order to get his rap career going financially, Killings got involved in drug dealing and ended up getting in trouble with the law and ended up in jail where he spent just over a year. Killings was released from prison into a halfway house, where he met Jackie Crockett, an employee of the National Wrestling Alliance. Crockett tried to convince Killings to become a professional wrestler, but he was determined to focus on his music career. Killings spent two years working on his music career, this time funding his career by robbing drug dealers, before becoming disillusioned by his lifestyle. He contacted Crockett once more and expressed an interest in becoming a wrestler.

In 1997 Killings made his debut in PWF as a manager. In 1999, he debuted in NWA Wildside as K-Krush, where he was awarded the newly-created NWA Wildside Television Championship on December 12. Killings lost the title to A.J. Styles on January 8, 2000.

Killings was signed to a two year developmental deal by the WWF in 1999 and was assigned to Memphis Championship Wrestling, a WWF farm federation. On April 12 in Robinsonville, Mississippi he won a battle royal with the vacant MCW Southern Heavyweight Championship on the line. He lost the title to a masked Jerry Lawler on May 24 in Tunica, Mississippi, but reclaimed it from Joey Abs several months later in Memphis, Tennessee on August 19. His second reign ended on November 3, when he lost to Steve Bradley in Manila, Arkansas.

Killings was promoted to the main roster after the Road Dogg, whose tag team partner, Billy Gunn, had been injured early that year, requested that they be placed in a tag team. He debuted on the November 13, 2000 episode of Raw, attacking William Regal during a match against Road Dogg. Killings, renamed K-Kwik, and the Road Dogg began rapping together, performing a song called "Getting' Rowdy" as they approached the ring. After Road Dogg was released in December, Killings became a singles competitor. He took part in the Royal Rumble on January 21, 2001 but was eliminated by The Big Show. Killings then began competing in the hardcore division. He defeated Raven for the WWF Hardcore Championship on February 3, but lost the title to Crash Holly that same evening. He defeated Raven for the title a second time on February 5, this time in the Carolina Coliseum in Columbia, South Carolina, but once again he lost the title to Holly within the space of several hours. Killings became somewhat a background figure of the Invasion angle during the summer months, often seen in dressing rooms and watching TV with other superstars during inter promotional matches. Killings was released from the WWF later that year.

In 2002, Killings joined Xtreme Pro Wrestling as K. Malik Shabazz, teaming with Salid Jihad and Raphael Muhammed as the New Panthers, a gimmick based upon the Black Panther movement. On July 20, in Pico Rivera, California, Killings and Muhammed took part in a four way tag team match for the XPW Tag Team Championships which was won by Damián 666 and Halloween. He left the promotion later that year.

Killings signed with the Nashville, Tennessee-based Total Nonstop Action Wrestling promotion in June 2002, and appeared on the first weekly TNA pay-per-view on June 19 as "K-Krush". Killings immediately established himself as a villain by harassing NASCAR drivers Sterling Marlin and Hermie Sadler until he was attacked by Brian Christopher. Later that same evening, he participated in the Gauntlet for the Gold, but was eliminated by Malice. The following week, Killings lost to Christopher after Marlin and Sadler interfered in their match. On July 3, Killings and Jeff Jarrett defeated Christopher and Scott Hall after Christopher turned on Hall during the match, aligning himself with Killings and Jarrett. On July 10, Killings defeated Hermie Sadler in a squash. The decision, however, was overturned after Killings continued to attack Sadler after he had been awarded the match.

On the July 17 TNA pay-per-view, Killings delivered an angry promo in which he implied that he had been held back as a result of his race. He then stated that he was to be referred to as "The Truth". Killings eventually began using his own name, referring to himself as Ron "The Truth" Killings. In the following weeks, Killings gave several more racially charged interviews and had confrontations with fellow African American wrestler Monty Brown.

Killings defeated Ken Shamrock for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at NWA-TNA 8 on August 7, thus becoming the first ever recognized black NWA World Heavyweight Champion in history. He successfully defended the title in matches with Monty Brown, Jerry Lynn, Low Ki, Curt Hennig, Hotstuff Hernandez, and Scott Hall before losing to Jeff Jarrett on November 20 after Vince Russo hit him with a guitar. As a result of Russo's involvement, Killings turned into a fan favorite. In subsequent months, Killings feuded with Sports Entertainment Xtreme before turning into a villainous charcter once again by attacking Jarrett on March 19. He later introduced Nelson Knight as his bodyguard, but soon turned back into a fan favorite once more.

Between May and June, Killings began teaming with Konnan and former WWF ally B.G. James, and in July the trio formed a fan favorite faction known as the 3Live Kru. The Kru first wrestled as a unit on August 13, 2003, defeating the Disciples of The New Church (Sinn, Vampire Warrior, and Devon Storm). The Kru soon went after the NWA World Tag Team Championship. On November 26, the Kru defeated Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, and Glenn Gilberti in a six man tag team match with the vacant NWA World Tag Team Championships on the line. The NWA World Tag Titles were thus held by all three members of the Kru until January 28, 2004, when they were defeated by Redshirt Security (Kevin Northcutt and Legend) in Nashville.

After several abortive attempts to regain the tag titles, the Kru began supporting Killings' bid to become NWA World Heavyweight Champion. On June 9, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett took part in a "3Live Kru Challenge" which saw him face Konnan, James and Killings in three subsequent matches. Jarrett defeated Konnan in a strap match and James in a "trailer park trash match" (hardcore match), but lost to Killings in a "Ghetto Justice match". On May 19, Killings faced NWA World Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles, Raven, and Chris Harris in a four way title match. He won the bout, becoming a two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, after Jarrett hit Styles with a guitar. His reign lasted until June 2, when Jarrett defeated him in a King of the Mountain match which also included Harris, Styles, and Raven. The Kru went on to feud with Jarrett's mercenaries, the Elite Guard (Chad Collyer, Hotstuff Hernandez, and Onyx), and on July 14, the 3Live Kru, Dusty Rhodes, and Larry Zbyszko defeated Jarrett, Ken Shamrock, and the Elite Guard in a ten man tag team match. Following the break-up of the 3Live Kru, Killings began competing as a singles wrestler once more. He briefly aligned himself with Sting in March, teaming with Sting, A.J. Styles, and Rhino as "Sting's Warriors". At Lockdown on April 23, Sting's Warriors defeated Jarrett's Army in a Lethal Lockdown match. On the May 25 episode of Impact!, Killings defeated Monty Brown to qualify for a King of the Mountain match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at Slammiversary on June 18. At Slammiversary, however, Killings failed to win the championship. Killings then teamed with Lance Hoyt in the following months, even participating, but losing, in a Battle Royal at No Surrender. On November 19 at Genesis, Killings and his tag team partner Lance Hoyt defeated Austin Starr and Alex Shelley with Kevin Nash at ringside. He was then off the active roster due to injury. Killings returned to action at Slammiversary, teaming with James Storm in a losing effort against Frank Wycheck and Jerry Lynn, implying that he was now a villain.

On June 19, Killings tried to resign from TNA, intending to work for the Mexican Asistencia Asesoría y Administración.[7] Amidst more dissension backstage, however, TNA refused to release Killings. He returned to TNA on August 12 at Hard Justice, confronting football player Adam Jones. At No Surrender, Adam "Pacman" Jones and Ron Killings defeated Sting and Kurt Angle to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship. On October 14, A.J. Styles and Tomko defeated him and Jones's replacement, Rasheed Lucius "Consequences" Creed, for the TNA tag team titles. It was reported that Killings no-showed a New Japan event that was part of the TNA/NJPW invasion cross-promotion project: "Jeff Jarrett sent a notice to New Japan, apologizing deeply for Ron Killings' no-show at Sumo Hall on the 11th. He promised that TNA would send top-of-the-line wrestlers from now on and show what TNA is all about".[citation needed] On December 9, Ron Killings announced on his MySpace page that he and TNA management had agreed upon a mutual agreement in regards to his release from the company, stating, "I wish TNA the best and I'm looking forward to continue my wrestling career and looking to go back to my original stomping grounds.

Killings re-signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2008. On July 25, 2008, during an episode of Friday Night SmackDown, a vignette announced that Killings would debut on the SmackDown brand under the ring name R-Truth. He now enters through the crowd rapping his theme song "What's Up!". WWE completely ignored his former time with the company as K-Kwik, making no mention of his Hardcore Championship title reigns or any other events from past years in the company. He made his in-ring debut on the August 29, 2008 episode of Friday Night SmackDown as a fan favorite defeating Kenny Dykstra. At Cyber Sunday, R-Truth, along with Festus and Montel Vontavious Porter, was one of the choices to vote for to compete against United States Champion Shelton Benjamin for the title. Although he received 59% of the vote, R-Truth was unsuccessful in winning the title from Benjamin. R-Truth won the Slammy Award for the Best Musical Performance.

On July 10, 2009, R-Truth debuted a new alter ego prankster gimmick under the name Pretty Ricky in a promo on SmackDown that showed R-Truth in a sleeveless T-shirt and a set of fake teeth trying to get his way into the Rabobank Arena.

R-Truth Facts:

Birth Name: Ron Killings

Birth Date: January 19, 1972

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Weight: 228 lbs

Shelton Benjamin Bio

Shelton Benjamin is a accomplished amateur wrestler who went 122-10 on high school and was a two-time South Carolina state high school heavyweight wrestling champion, earning the title in both 1993 and 1994. In college he put together a 36–6 win-loss record. Moreover, while attending the university, he was a two-time All-American heavyweight wrestler. Benjamin went 36–6 and made 12 pins in the Big Ten Championship, in which he placed sixth. Instead of trying to qualify for the 2000 Olympics, Benjamin decided instead to try and pursue a professional wrestling career. In 2000 Benjamin signed a contract with the WWE and wrestled for Ohio Valley Wrestling where he teamed with Brock Lesner, they would the tag team titles on three occasions together. In 2002 Shelton performed in house shows for the WWE. On December 26, 2002 Shelton Benjamin joined Smackdown as part of Team Angle which consisted of Benjamin, Charlie Haas and Kurt Angle. On February 6, 2003 Benjamin and Haas would win the tag team titles from Los Guerrero's. On June 12, 2003 Kurt Angle fired Benjamin and Haas from Team Angle and the team of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas was then called 'The Worlds Greatest Tag Team', they continued to feud with Los Guerrero's and eventually the team parted ways. During the 2004 WWE draft Shelton went to the Raw brand and feuded with Triple H and much to the surprise of many beat Triple H three times in a row, once be pin,once by count out and once by disqualification. While on Raw Shelton became the Intercontinental Champion on three different occasions. On December 11, 2006 The Worlds Greatest Tag Team was reunited and they defeated the Highlanders, they feuded with Cryme Tyme mainly on Heat. On November 27, 2007 during ECW Elijah Burke introduced ECW's newest superstar Shelton Benjamin. In his ECW debut he defeated Tommy Dreamer. The gold standard, as Benjamin was sometimes known by had a long rivalry with Kofi Kingston while at ECW. During the 2008 WWE draft Shelton Benjamin was headed back to Smackdown.

On July 20, 2008 at the Great American Bash, Shelton Benjamin beat Matt Hardy and became the United States Champion. The Gold Standard then went on a mission to add to his gold by making an attempt at the WWE Championship held by Triple H. Shelton competed in the WWE Championship Scramble match at Unforgiven on September 7, 2008 but was unsuccessful.

On the September 12, 2008 edition of Smackdown Shelton competed in a fatal four way match against MVP, Jeff Hardy and Brian Kendrick to see who would face Triple H for the WWE championship at No Mercy but again was unsuccessful in his attempt to go after the WWE championship.

Shelton began feuding with R-Truth. On the October 3rd edition of Smackdown Shelton Benjamin had a match with Raw's Intercontinental Champion Satino Marella but ended up losing the match because of a distraction by R-Truth. The following week Shelton and R-Truth battled on Smackdown with R-Truth winning the non-title match. Shelton Benjamin was in shock after losing the match. The two would finally come face to face for the United States title at Cyber Sunday on October 26, 2008. Shelton was able to defend his title and continue his reign as the United States Champion.

Shelton competed at Survivor Series on November 23, 2008. He was part of team Orton that fought against team Batista. Shelton was able to eliminate his rival R-Truth but was later eliminated himself, though Shelton's team ended up winning the match.

On the December 26, 2008 edition of Smackdown Shelton successfully defended his United State title against Gregory "Hurricane" Helms.

On the March 6, 2009 episode of Smackdown, Benjamin defeated Jeff Hardy via DQ from Matt Hardy interfering to earn a spot in the Money in the bank ladder match set for WrestleMania XXV.

On the March 20, 2009 episode of Smackdown, which was Smackdown's 500th episode, Benjamin lost his WWE United States Championship to MVP. Shelton held the United States Championship for 8 months. Shelton had an opportunity in his rematch against MVP for the United States title on the April 3rd edition of Smackdown but Shelton was not able to win and MVP retained the title.

On April 5th, 2009 Shelton Benjamin competed at Wrestlemania 25 in a 8 man Money in the Bank matchup. Unfortunately for Shelton he did not succeed in winning the match as CM Punk won the MITB match for the second year in a row.

Throughout May of 2009 Shelton started feuding with John Morrison. They would try and settle their feud on May 17, 2009 at Judgment Day. Though displaying some impressive moves Shelton Benjamin would lose the match against Morrison.

On June 29, 2009, he was traded back to ECW and redebuted against the debuting Yoshi Tatsu in a losing effort. On the August 4th edition of ECW, Benjamin confronted Abraham Washington and Zack Ryder on the Abraham Washington Show, which ended with Ryder and Benjamin in a brawl. Benjamin and Ryder continued to feud.

Shelton Benjamin Facts:

Birth Name: Shelton Benjamin

Birth Date: July 9, 1975

Height: 6 ft 2 in

Weight: 245 lbs
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