Shannon Moore Bio

Shannon Moore was friends with Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy as a boy and used to wrestle with them in their backyard wrestling circuit. After the Hardy brothers became professional wrestlers they trained Shannon Moore who debut in 1995 against Jeff Hardy and began working in the independent circuit. He went to the WCW when wrestling legend Hulk Hogan hired him after given authority to hire twenty one young cruiserweights. When WCW was purchased by the WWF in 2001 Shannon was sent to HWA (a WWF development circuit).

He made his first televised debut in 2002 and would be a Matt Hardy follower who would try to dress like Matt Hardy and would occupy him to the ring. He would often try to help Matt Hardy but would screw things up leading Matt Hardy to slap him and toy with him. Hardy ended up going to RAW and Moore became a jobber losing to more dominant opponents.

In 2005 he started a gimmick of a punk often wearing punk clothing. In March of 2005 Shannon was involved in a real life auto accident and suffered whiplash, this led to the WWE firing him.

He then began wrestling in the independent circuit and he started a wrestling school called 'School of Punk'. He then went to TNA before coming back to the WWE in it's ECW brand in July of 2006 as a heel. In February of 2007 he came back to Smackdown and established himself as a face. He started toying with Jamie Noble, using Nobles obsession with Hornswoggle against him. Shannon later started teaming with Jimmy Wang Yang as they became one of Smackdowns top tag teams.

In August of 2008 Shannon Moore was released from his contract by the WWE.

Shannon Moore Facts:

Birth Name: Shannon Brian Moore
Birthdate: July 27, 1979
Height: 5' ft 9' inch
Finishing Move: Halo
Shannon Moore was married to Kristal but they divorced in 2005
He owns a tattoo shop
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