Chuck Palumbo Bio

Palumbo's wrestling career began in 1998 in the independent circuit. His gimmick was that of a surfer guy who would go by the name 'The Dude'. His WCW debut came in October of 1998 as he was a fan who accepted a challenge from Ernest "the cat" Miller. Six months later, he was offered a contract by WCW. He came to the WWF in June of 2001, he was part of the Billy and Chuck tag team (along with Billy Gunn) who ended up winning the tag team titles on SMACKDOWN. The team got kind of too close and there was evidence that they were having a romantic relationship with one another. In late 2002 Chuck proposed to Billy and they even had a ceremony on SMACKDOWN. Just before they tied the knot they declared that the whole thing was just a public stunt. In February of 2003 Chuck formed the FBI (Full Blooded Italians) team. This happened after Nunzio threatened to bring in 'The Family' after getting a beating from Rikishi. They feuded with Los Guerrero's, Chris Benoit and many other WWE superstars and then the team turned face and started growing on the fans, but then the team broke up and Chuck Palumbo was traded to the RAW brand in early 2004. On RAW his new gimmick was half greaser and half auto mechanic. In November of 2004 Chuck Palumbo was released by the WWE and started wrestling in Japan. In April of 2007 he returned to the WWE and Chuck had yet a new gimmick, a biker guy. He would defeat Kenny Dykstra in that match. He returned to SMACKDOWN in September of 2007 once again defeating Kenny Dykstra. He started to be occupied to the ring by Michelle McCool and they had long feuds with Kenny Dykstra and Victoria. Toward the end of 2007 Chuck and Michelle's friendship starting to get shaky when Jamie Noble became infatuated with McCool. This caused mnay problems, to top it all off Chuck after many attempts could not beat Noble in a match. Jamie Noble won a date with Michelle McCool after beating Chuck Palumbo in a match and kind of grew on Michelle. At the beginning of 2008 Michelle tried to make Noble and Palumbo become a triple team that could work together. It backfired on Michelle and Chuck Palumbo turned on Michelle McCool after she tried to defend Noble against him. Thus, Palumbo turned heel and has been feuding with Kane and other faces. In June of 2008 during the 2008 WWE draft Palumbo was drafted to Raw. Palumbo though never did not appeared on Raw. It was reported that he had a nagging shoulder injury and that his knee has been bothering him but then on November 6, 2008 Chuck Palumbo was released by the WWE.

Chuck Palumbo facts:

Birth Name: Charles Ronald Palumbo
Birth Date: June 15, 1971
Height: 6' ft 7; in
Finishing Move: Full throttle

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